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Certified by TüvRheinland

Certified by TüvRheinland

Soldadura homologada

Welding procedures
Qualified Welders and Welding Operators


Constant inhouse and external inspections to provide the best quality

Production Process

Our technical office linked to the assembly capacity of large and complex structures and thanks to the quality controls make us a competitive company at European level.


Technical Office R & D

We have human and technical capacities for the development of your projects.

We also have suitable means to work on drawings of parts or assemblies of all kinds using 3D software applications. Using customer’s drawings we produce our own constructive and assembly plans necessary for the manufacturing process.The assembly sequence of parts is made taking into account always the deformations and contractions usual on welding processes.

These skills allow minimizing errors on parts achieving the highest levels of constructive requirements.

Software 3DWe always do a review of customer specifications and a technical review:

Specifications of required materials.
  Specifications of welding procedures.
  Required Welding qualifications.
  Non-Destructive Test (NDT) procedures.
  Heat treatment procedures.
  Quality control agreements.
  Inspections and testing.

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